Top 5 African Music Festivals

Africa is a prestigious land famous for its culture, tradition, islands, rivers, mountains, and many more. The country is also known for holding many renowned music festivals too. One can say that the continent is overwhelming with its music and art festivals. The celebration is never-ending, and the culture tells it all. These attractions have grabbed attention from various parts of the world, especially across seven seas. If you ever visit Africa, you must never forget to catch a sight of these top music festivals that happen in the continent without any delay. Let us hit the post, shall we?

Lake of Stars of Festival

The first and the foremost one on the list is none other than the Lake of Stars of Festival that takes place in the famous land of Malawi. Some people and spectators believe that the Lake of Stars of Festival is more than the music festival. It is also a festival where you can witness the hottest South African acts as well. You can also see some of the great artists, producers, singers like Wandile Mbambeni and Gqom king DJ Lag on the shoy, festival. The Lake of Stars of Festival was first initiated in the year 2003, and ever since then has attracted a lot of audience to witness the richness of culture and tradition.

Nyege Nyege

African Music

The second one is the greatest and most significant one named Nyege Nyege that takes place in Uganda. If you visit this music festival, without any doubt one can say that you won’t be able to stand still nor hold your legs together and it will automatically move with the music. The music festival, Nyege Nyege, is everything about the idea, peace, love, and lastly, joy. The music festival is a long four days of constant stepping and moving and dancing and most importantly, having fun.

Rocking the Daisies

The third music festival emerging from the African continent is none other than the Rocking the Daisies that takes place n the Cloof Wine Estate. Those who have already visited the music festival will believe that it is a magic fairyland with a pinch of excitement and beauty intertwined. The music festival will forever stay in your memory and is one of the greatest musical experiences you will ever indulge in.


The next one on the list is none other than the Felabration, which takes place in the Lagos. This music festival is made in honour to the late Nigerian icon named Fela Kuti. It is a mixture of dance, music, and coming together of art too.


The last but not the least music festival that emerges from the African continent is none other than the Afrochella!  Yes, it is the African form of Coachella. Just like the Coachella, Afrochella is everything about dance, music, and art.

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